Limited Ultrasound



A positive pregnancy test is a pretty good indication that you are pregnant, yet a limited ultrasound can verify pregnancy. The limited ultrasound exam performed at Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic will determine the following:

  • Verify pregnancy
  • Detect fetal heart beat
  • Determine fetal age and due date
  • Confirm whether the pregnancy is intrauterine, meaning in the uterus

pregnancy-revealed source: ISTock Photo licensed to Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic
Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic does not perform ultrasound for the purpose of diagnosing any medical problems or to detect congenital or organ abnormalities. A referral can be given for a comprehensive ultrasound.

Patients will qualify for limited ultrasound examinations if it has been 7 weeks since their last menstrual period. Our nurses are trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound.

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