Wisdom. Strength. Adventure. Protection. And a whole lotta Fun! The Open Arms team shares things our dads taught us and the funny things our dads did that created fond memories and that still bring a smile to our face:

“My dad is the kind of man who is always there to help anyone who needs him.  He so often sets aside his own comfort and ease to jump in whenever and however he is needed.” D.H.

“The day my dad brought home a hula hoop and the day he took me down to San Pedro to ride a boat.” S.W.

“My dad would always sing songs and tell me stories at bedtime.  Every night, he would pat my back until I fell asleep.” P.C.

“Dad, you held me in your strong arms and told me that God has something good planned for me.” G.N.

“I remember my dad joyfully dropping me off and picking me up from kindergarten every day. It meant so much to look up and see him there to get me.” S.L.

“My dad has taught me patience, taught me how to drive, how to love by the way he loved my mom unconditionally. It’s impossible to try to think about it all without being overwhelmed with tears.” D.E.

“I remember standing on his feet while he danced at the bottom of our stairs and then how I would try to hold on tight while he went on to walk up the stairs with me.” A.L.

“My dad emptied his pockets of change every night and when the grandchildren came to visit he’d say, “go get a handful.” CP

“I remember watching soccer with my dad on Sunday afternoons. We would sit in the living room to watch soccer and he always made us chicken alfredo to eat for lunch.” M.P.

“My dad took me fishing and he invented different snacks for us to have.”  D.R.

“I remember having hair salon time with dad and having him sit in a chair while I would try to pull out all of his white hairs.” A.L.

“Hands down I was 5 years old at the Father daughter dance, I felt so beautiful and so proud.” M.O.

“My dad would spend time talking to me to prepare me to be the man of the house.” K.W.

“I have fond memories of my dad bringing my mom and I home some of our favorite Mexican food.” S.B.

My dad would ask me “who loves you baby?”  I would say “you do” and he would say “don’t ever forget it.” S.J.

“One of my favorite memories is making shortbread with my dad. To make the dough come together, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance – Qualities he modeled and instilled in me.” A.M.

“My father forced me to stand on my own two feet and made me a man.” MP

“I remember my dad as a loving dad who wanted to provide for his family the best way he could. He often took in odd jobs in addition to his fulltime job so he can give us more than just the basic necessities.” C.J.

“Dad, thank you for being a great father to me.  I know you did your best.  You were a great role model for me too. Thank you for caring and being in my life.” KS

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