In the days after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, lawmakers across the U.S. have been reviewing and revising abortion legislation. 

California is no exception. Understanding what the law allows regarding abortion is important; especially for those living in and traveling to the state. 

At Open Arms, we believe knowledge is power. Here’s a quick breakdown of where California lawmakers have landed on their abortion laws.

What Has Changed in CA After Roe v. Wade?

In June of this year, California’s Attorney General issued guidance on abortion rights and protections for the state. Abortions will remain fully legal and protected in California post the reversal of Roe. 

Essentially, nothing will change for the state moving forward.

Providing the Support You Need 

Our clinic exists to provide education, support, and options for women experiencing an unintended pregnancy. Each service listed below is provided at no cost to you or your partner. 

Pregnancy Testing

Even if you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test, it’s a good idea to have your results verified with a medical test. Depending on the time of day and when in your menstrual cycle you took the test, at-home test results can be inconclusive. 


Ultrasounds play a vital role in your care and information gathering. They provide answers for the location and gestational age of a pregnancy.

Location is important because some pregnancies can develop outside of the uterus. If left undetected, these ectopic pregnancies can cause life-threatening complications for the mother and require urgent medical attention. 


You don’t have to face an unintended pregnancy alone. We believe in togetherness and offer a variety of programs to help you engage with others walking through the same season of life. 

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