You or someone you know may be faced with the difficult decision of what to do with an unintended pregnancy. What’s your next step in your pregnancy journey? Have you ever thought about how an adoption plan can prevent depression caused by abortion?

You may have a million questions running through your mind, like…

“Is adoption right for me?”
“What will my family and friends think?”
“Can I raise a child and finish school?”

“Will my partner support me?”

“What are the real risks of abortion?”

We hope to better inform you about your pregnancy options, including how an adoption plan can prevent depression caused by abortion. 

While it’s important to understand all of your options thoroughly, the final decision is ultimately yours to make. Whatever option you choose will affect your future and knowing the risks can bring greater clarity to the decision-making process.

Depression Caused by Abortion

Abortion is one of your pregnancy options, but many women are unaware of the emotional effects abortion has. A study done by Professor David Ferguson shows two major findings about the mental effects of abortion:

  • The study found abortion was linked to higher rates of depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicidal behaviours.
  • At age 25 42% of the women experienced major depression during the previous four years, twice that of other women.

The Choice of Adoption

Making the choice of adoption is not an easy process either. How do you give your baby to an adoptive family and not feel all the emotions that come with that? It’s totally normal to feel all of them. 

Choosing an Adoption Plan

There is flexibility with adoption as there are multiple adoption plans to choose from. Choosing between open, closed, or semi-open adoption depends on the kind of relationship you want with your child and the adoptive family. 

With an open adoption, you exchange all identifying information with the adoptive family. You also have the ability to have visitations and remain in your child’s life. This kind of adoption brings comfort and hope to many mothers.

Closed adoption is where you remain completely anonymous and no identifying information is shared. Semi-open adoption is a mix of open and closed adoption, where all contact is done through an adoption agency.

Which Option Should I Choose?

While we can’t tell you what to do – it’s important to know that both abortion and adoption are hard decisions to make. Both abortion and adoption can come with feelings of grief, loss, depression, and a need for counseling.

There are major differences in the outcomes of abortion and adoption. Here is a look at them side by side:


-Isolation (no one speaks about it)

-Questioning the decision

-No relationship with the child


-Pride & empowerment to share

-Reassurance the child is happy & healthy

-Ongoing relationship 

No-Cost Options Consultation

At Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic, once a viable pregnancy is confirmed, one of our nurses is happy to discuss your options with you. We promise to provide you with accurate and truthful information about each option without judgment.

Schedule a no-cost and confidential options consultation today. You are not alone.