Choosing adoption is a big step for any woman. Whether you are a single mom struggling with finances or other life circumstances, adoption could be a great fit. No matter what you do, you will always be a mom. Adoption takes humility, but it brings great opportunity for you and your child. If you are considering this option, here is more information about making an adoption plan.

What Is An Adoption Plan?

Creating an adoption plan gives you a clear path of action. It brings clarity to what you want for you and your child in the future. Taking the time to create a plan can ease the stress of the process and prepare you for the difficult questions that could come later on. It’s important to note that what you write out for your adoption plan could change later on and that’s ok.  

Types of Adoption

Making an adoption plan will be based on how much contact you want with your child and the adoptive family. Think over what type of adoption would best fit your family and the type of connection you want with your child. 

Open Adoption

The most popular type of adoption is called an “open adoption.” Open adoption allows you as the birth mom to be in regular contact with your child. You also will select which family you want for your child and review adoptive family profiles to see which one is the best fit. Though there are still some guidelines with open adoption, you ultimately get to decide what kind of relationship you build over time with your child. That’s the beauty of this type of adoption. 

Closed Adoption 

Though less popular, closed adoption is completely ok to choose as well. There are times in life where you are not in the right place to take care of a child and are struggling to take care of yourself. A closed adoption allows an adoption agency to handle all the adoption details and choose a family for you. With this type of adoption, you will have no contact with your child or the adoptive family, unless they try to connect with you after they turn 18.

Semi-Open Adoption

This type of adoption is exactly like it sounds. It falls somewhere between an open and closed adoption, allowing you flexibility to determine what level of contact, communication, and relationship is best for you and your child. You’ll work these details out with the adoption agency. 

Is Adoption Right For Me?

We know how hard making a decision for you and your child’s future can be. If you don’t feel ready or capable to parent, adoption could be the option for you. Before you decide, take your time to talk to someone you trust. If you need help understanding all your pregnancy options and want to learn more about adoption, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to support you in your pregnancy journey. You are not alone.

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