Finding out your girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant can bring feelings of shock, fear, and maybe even anger.

While you want to be supportive and loving during this time, you’re also likely finding yourself consumed with your own fears and worries. Whether you feel too young to be a dad or don’t feel financially ready for the costs that come with parenting, you and your girlfriend need to take time to carefully consider the options available to you.

The good news is, you don’t have to walk through this alone.  Here’s our advice on next steps and where to find free help when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

1. Confirm the Pregnancy

Your girlfriend took an at-home pregnancy test and you both immediately freak out. When facing an unexpected pregnancy, these feelings are normal, however, it’s important that you take a deep breath and take the necessary steps to confirm the pregnancy.  While taking a pregnancy test is a great place to start, you’ll want to schedule an appointment at your local pregnancy clinic where you’ll have access to free clinical pregnancy testing and an ultrasound scan.

The ultrasound will confirm how far along the pregnancy is and whether or not the pregnancy is viable.  Regardless of the pregnancy options you and your girlfriend are considering, an ultrasound is essential in helping you both make an informed choice.

2. Take Time to Consider Your Options

After you confirm your pregnancy, it’s important that you take time to carefully consider the options available to you. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are three options — parenting, abortion, or adoption.

Instead of letting fear and anxiety drive your decision-making process, take time to gather information about the various options and the resources within your community.

Your local pregnancy clinic specializes in assisting those facing pregnancy-related decisions.  Schedule an appointment to talk with a male case manager who will guide you through your decision-making process and give you a safe place to process your thoughts and get answers to all of your questions.

The more knowledge you have, the more confident you will feel as you and your girlfriend make this important decision.

3. Tell Someone You Trust

It might be tempting for you and your girlfriend to attempt to handle this challenge on your own. However, making decisions in isolation can be dangerous and can lead to regrets.

While it can be hard to tell a friend or family member that you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, this important step might be key in making an informed decision, as those around you might be one of your greatest resources during this time. Anxiety over how your family member or friend might react may cause you to not want to tell them.  That’s normal.  But consider how they would feel years later not having been trusted to help you through this.  Anticipate that the news may be hard for them at first, but you also might be surprised by the support and love you and your girlfriend receive from your community.

Whether you decide to tell a friend or family member or not, consider scheduling an appointment to talk to one of our male case managers. The Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic is a safe space for you and your girlfriend to process your thoughts and fears, ask questions, and make an informed decision.

All of our services are free and confidential.  Call or text us today at 818.626.9404.