I’m not leaving behind all that I have learned in the previous years that have made me who I am today. No doubt that I am a woman with goals, dreams, and aspirations. We all can lose perspective at times, so let me encourage you that these dreams positively DO have the possibility to thrive through the unexpected. The unexpected phone call, the pop quiz in your World History class, an unexpected break-up, job loss and yes even if the unexpected comes to us in the form of a new little life. There are resources available, so please know that we are just a phone call or a text away in case you find yourself asking “Am I pregnant?

I cannot count the number of times I felt alone in making some of life’s hardest decisions and grasping to find my way through. I could have benefitted from a person to talk to who cares, who understands the decisions that I am faced with, someone to walk me through solutions that I can trust. It is our desire to come alongside you as women and men who are facing an unexpected pregnancy to offer you our resources along with community referrals to support you in the best possible ways. We don’t profit from your reproductive choices, we are solely donor supported by people who sincerely care. They make it possible for us to offer you free clinical pregnancy testing and confirmation. In addition, all of our services are free & confidential.

I love the beauty of a rainbow, the colors, the warmth.  For me it represents hope. Like the new year ahead of us, it reminds me of the possibilities and a valuable insight: I have the amazing liberty to embrace the unexpected by being courageous, thoughtful and engaging in light of the pressures that we all face. We encourage you to visit our client testimonials page. You can also request an appointment here. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

Happy New Year!

Samantha Jackson
Office Administrator

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