Accidentally pregnant? Take a deep breath and remember you have options. The last thing you want to do is compromise your physical or mental health by making rash decisions. 

Here’s everything you should explore if you’re thinking of ending a pregnancy.


Women have access to two types of abortion: medical and surgical abortions. While abortions are a means to terminate a pregnancy, they are not without risks or complications. 

Medical Abortion

Commonly known as the abortion pill, a medical abortion begins with a dose of mifepristone to stop the pregnancy from growing. Women will then be directed to take misoprostol which will cause strong uterine contractions to expel the pregnancy. 

Medical abortions are only effective within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and are not effective against ectopic pregnancies.  Documented risks and side effects of medical abortions include heavy and prolonged bleeding, infection, fever, and possible incomplete abortion.

Open Arms does not provide abortion services or abortion pills but we will provide you with the information you need to make a fully informed choice.


Those considering terminating a pregnancy do so mostly because they do not feel ready or equipped to be a parent.  Adoption may be a win-win solution and is worthy of consideration prior to a final decision.

Modern adoption can be very rewarding and empowering. Expectant mothers will be able to hand-pick the family that will raise and love their child.  She can also choose how much interaction, if any, she would like with the child. 

Adoption is not an easy choice to make, but women who choose adoption can feel a sense of pride knowing their decision provided a loving home for their child to grow up in. 


Pregnancy can be scary, especially if it wasn’t planned. But sometimes life’s surprises can have profound impacts on our lives.

For women facing unintended pregnancy, here are some helpful things to consider when evaluating whether or not to parent:  

  1. Do I want to be a parent in the future?  
  2. What is the choice that I will feel best about long-term? 
  3. If resources exist to help me, would that influence my decision?

You Call The Shots

Whatever you decide for your pregnancy, we want to walk through the journey with you. Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic offers a variety of free services for women and their partners. We specialize in helping those facing an unplanned pregnancy explore their options.  We do not provide abortion or prenatal care and do not profit from your choice.  Appointments are easy and always confidential. Make yours today by calling or texting us at 818-626-9400. You can do hard things!