Education & Support

At the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic, we believe knowledge is power. We also believe there is strength in numbers. That’s why we offer pregnancy and parenting education and support. We are here to walk alongside you, equipping you with the tools you need to thrive during your pregnancy and beyond. Text 818-626-9400 to learn more about our parenting education in Northridge, Los Angeles, California.

Life Essentials program

Our Life Essentials program is offered at no cost to you and will help you discover and implement healthy habits in your pregnancy, your parenting, your relationships, and in your daily life.

Choose to participate in one or all of these exceptional programs:

Essentials for a healthy pregnancy

This program is designed to help you choose a lifestyle and habits that promote a healthy pregnancy. In this course, we are committed to educating you with practical tools and information to help you through all nine months.

  • Eating for two
  • Your developing baby
  • Emotions of pregnancy
  • Your changing body
  • Getting ready for baby
  • …and more

Essentials in Motherhood

We’ll teach you how to be a caring mother raising a healthy, happy child. As part of our ongoing support, our Essentials In Motherhood class offers helpful lessons to give you confidence and the practical information you need.

  • Infant care
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep and crying
  • Potty training
  • …and more


In our Essentials In Fatherhood program, each lesson is simple, full of encouragement, and designed to help you be a better father.

  • The importance of spending real time with your family
  • Role models
  • Respect for Mothers
  • Being a leader
  • …and more

Essentials In Manhood

It is possible to live your life in truth with passion and purpose. Our Essentials In Manhood program teaches men the importance of respect for themselves and others. You’ll learn valuable lessons for confident daily living.

Essentials In Relationships

Whether you are married, single, co-parenting or single parenting, it’s important to recognize the traits of strong, healthy relationships. This program is designed to aid men, women, and families build solid, meaningful connections with one another.

Essentials In Daily Life

There are many practical lessons to learn in life. Understanding money management and job interview skills lead to better opportunities in the future. Learning stress management and lifestyle wellness make you a stronger, healthier individual. Plus, knowing skills like infant CPR equip you for the challenges of parenting. You’ll hear from experts in our community on these topics and more.

Pregnancy Loss Support

  • After-abortion support. An abortion experience may produce a variety of emotions and at different levels of intensity. Open Arms offers a 10-week small group for women who have experienced an abortion, whether recently or years ago.
  • Miscarriage Support. Losing a baby leaves behind a pain that is often hard for others to understand. Open Arms offers a 6-week support group that helps hurting moms and dads come together to find comfort and healing.

All of these programs are offered at no cost to you. Contact us to enroll in the best program for your current life situation.